Ready for March assessment

I had a set back in December due to sprained wrist. But last week i mounted my pieces for my portfolio and posted them off for the March assessment. I also posted off my three sketchbooks


I have really enjoyed drawing one and despite some early challenges and feelings of not knowing where i was going or whether i had what it takes to do the course. I have learnt a lot including how to explore my emotive responses to my work. I have learnt how to begin to analyse art and how to question it. At the moments there seems to be more questions than answers – but that  is probably  a good thing ?

I feel that i still have a long journey but it is proving to be a path that i want to follow.

During drawing one i made the choice to switch from the painting pathway to the drawing degree – all art excites me but to me drawing is fundamental to why i want to be an artist and it a fascinating art form that i feel for me is the way forward.


I am indebted to the support of my tutor , who made me think more about why i was doing the course and helped me though the challenges. I have started Printmaking one and i know that D1 has helped me with the challenges of print making.

It is just now a case of anxious waiting – and hope that i have done enough to have passed.


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