drawing one – unit 5 – the personal project – action plan after my tutors feedback, written report

After receiving my written tutor’s report – I have looked though the recommendations – this is my action plan for moving on, I agree with what the report says and have given much  thought about what I now need to do  so that I can move forward before working on what to do before submitting my portfolio for formal assessment –

I have decided to re-work some of my final pieces. The self portraits need to have more dimensionality I agree that they are too flat –  I found drawing myself  a challenge and I have struggled to engage with the subject matter , I felt unhappy with the  quality of my drawings. My tutor has  suggested  using a model so I will explore posting a model looking particularly at using a light source to emphasise facial structure. I will also explore angles , poses and composition in my sketchbook. I have booked some life drawing classes  including a life drawing session on the cutty sark. I am aiming to be more structured and careful in my drawing approach as I do tend to be too loose and sketchy and I can be too impulsive – so I am going to make an effect to plan more , look more , to be more analytical and to take more time over my drawings. I am going to continue to explore charcoal as I like the way  the medium  works  with Mark making. I am also going to have a video tutorial in a couple of weeks. I have a lot to do but I hope if I push myself enough I will achieve these goals.


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