drawing one unit 5 – the personal project my thoughts

I really enjoyed working on my personal project – it was a challenge choosing what to focus on and I enjoyed the numerous possibilities that the project offered. I carefully considered my options looking at the course criteria before making a decision- it was also interesting looking back over my work and assessing my personal progess.

it was also strange not having exercises to do!

i produced 5 main pieces – two life drawings one in pastel and one in charcoal both of these drawings I am quite happy with.

i struggled with  working on a self portrait ( I do not enjoy drawing myself) – the coloured pencil  drawing  on red paper I think is a good likeness of my physical features which is interesting as I was not interested in capturing a likeness! I was pleased with the nose I feel that I have captured the sense of the roundness of the nose and the nostrils

the charcoal and white chalk self portrait  drawing on grey paper I feel is not my best work. It seems very dark in tone although I drew it in semi darkness with a torch placed close to my chin as the  only light source. I also feel that I drew some of the facial features badly particularly the nose and mouth.

I did a charcoal drawing of my daughter sitting on a bed. I think the proportions are ok and I like the negative shapes but I am less convinced with the drawing of the face? And the hands ? Both areas that I need to work more on.

I enjoyed being creative and experimental in my sketchbook.

I enjoyed a visit to the Tate gallery and the  Dulwich picture gallery both helpful. I am going on two OCA study trips Georgia Okeefe on the 10th September and William Kentridge at the Whitechapel gallery in October.

i feel I have come along way in my studies since starting drawing one nearly a year ago – I feel I have worked hard so hope I have achieved enough to pass the course?

I would like to thank my tutor Doug Burton who has helped me overcome my doubts with myself and has provided very useful feedback – I am now moving on to studying my next course which is printmaking one , as I now know that I want to pursue a BA in drawing.


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