Drawing one – part 5 – my personal project

after planning my final drawing and selecting the viewpoint that I liked. I drew my final drawing. I used A1 paper and soft charcoal pencils In various black tones, a white charcoal pencil and a putty rubber. I loosely sketched in my composition then using the pencils I used marks to build up and define the form of the body. I also included the white bed covering as the shadows were interesting. I also lightly sketched in the pale curtains. I found positioning the figure a challenge and also capturing the profile of the face. The model my daughter had her head tilted downwards looking at her hands – her hair was loose with her hair falling around the nape of her neck with a long section of her hair over one of her shoulders. I was fairly pleased with my drawing although I feel the facial features are the weakest area of my drawing. I think the proportions are relatively correct? I also felt I need to practise drawing hands as again I am not sure whether I should have developed them more as they appear a little too sketchy. I really enjoyed working  on the drawing and I definitely want to develope my figure drawing skills




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