drawing one – part 5 – the personal project- portrait study

imagePart of my personal project is to product a portrait study – particularly looking at using drawing tools and mark making  to add dimensionality .

i used my daughter as a model as I wanted to produce a companion work to the charcoal drawing that I did of her reclining in a chair for assignment four. Again I was interested in capturing her in a natural pose. During late August we went away to the Cotswolds for a short break. I found the pose I wanted to draw, by chance  at 7am on an early but warm sunny morning. She was sitting on a hotel bed and I was struck by how the bright light steaming in from the window produced interesting light patterns on her bare arms and on the white bed covering. I did some quick studies in my sketchbook primarily recording the light source and tonal values and also looking at the composition from different angles, using pencil and a marker pen. I also wrote some notes for reference .  I then did some close up drawings of her face and head in different angles ,  using coloured pencil on red textured paper – I was interested in  looking and focusing on the planes of her face recording blocks of



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