Drawing one – part 5 – personal project – self portrait final drawing

After doing  my charcoal  self portrait drawing i visited the Winifred Knights show at the Dulwich picture gallery. The show  included several self portrait drawings – and despite the delicate drawing style i was very impressed with the way Knights with very careful fine cross hatching was able to  convey the  form and structure of her face. The drawings are very intricate and beautiful. I have also been looking  at Comtempory artists Jenny Saville and Ariane Laroux. I have been focusing on Jenny Saville’s recent drawings which are her response to Renaissance master drawings and  very different in feeling to her body image works.. Ariane Laroux uses feathery marks to suggest facial features building up her marks to add dimension to then facial features  particularly the eyes. For my coloured pencil drawing  I  tried to include some inspiration from the art that I have been looking at. I used  the coloured pencils on red toned pastel paper. I build up the layers of colours careful to define light and tone . Using the pencils I was able to   – like Ariane Laroux make careful  decisions on what to include in my drawing leaving areas of my paper bare  to add contrast to the shadows on the nose and eyes –  I feel pleased with my effort and feel that I have make a lot of progress  – I feel that I have learn a lot about drawing faces and I feel more confident about exploring self portaiture again. I am especially pleased with how I have captured the nostrils  of my nose- the facial feature I find most challenging. Although is was not my intention to capture a likeness , this drawing is a very good  likeness of my face and facial features.image


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