Drawing one – part 5 – personal project – final pieces on self portraits

For my final pieces on self portraits- I did two final drawings. The first drawing I used grey heavy paper as the support  I used charcoal and white chalk as my drawing medium.  This drawing I did at night time with a torch as the only light source there was very little light in the room so it was a challenge  –  the whites of my eyes and part of my  of hair were the lightest tones and appeared almost to glow. I used willow charcoal and compressed charcoal  as well as charcoal pencils as a hi-lighter . I Also used a putty rubber to lift out  areas of tone. I also left all my  drawing imageerrors on the page as I was keen to show my working process. Overall I quite like elements of my drawing although it looks slightly dark but I feel that this is a fair representation of the tones. The areas that I am confident about in my drawing is the month is looks although it has been drawn clumsily – I think I may have over worked it. I think that it may have better if I had used a lighter tone of paper ?


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