Drawing one part 5. -the written element – my artists statement


When I started my studies with the Open college of the arts – I began a new journey hoping to explore my creativity , it has been for me an exciting experience. I   am now  filled with a sense of wonder as doors are beginning to open for me. I am now starting to seek clarity about what inspires me to draw, what excites me and why I want to draw . I have a long way to go on my journey – but I do believe  that drawing is the  purest and most exciting  art form, with a lot of possibilities ,  Although i do feel  the importance of drawing is  often overlooked . This is my artists statement from where I am now at this stage of my artistic development.

What has always fascinated me and continues to stir me is the very essence of the drawing process. How a simple inexpensive drawing tool such as a pencil or a stick of charcoal is able to bring magically to life a subject , how an artist is able to analysis and then reproduce the image. A flat one dimensional piece of paper can  become multi dimensional, textural , emotive and alive. An illusion can be brought to germination by Using fairly simple techniques such as mark making applied on  the paper. Lines and tone can add interest to a drawing. It is this element of drawing that I want to explore i am looking towards breathing  life into my drawing. I feel that to be able to draw the human figure it is essential that I attempt to understand it – when i worked  on a figure drawing using charcoal for assignment 4 I found myself becoming  very aware of how the form of my model  had the ability to change her surroundings – how by reclining in an armchair she essentially changed the shape of the chair, becoming a part of the very fabric of the chair. From this awareness I found myself becoming interested in capturing the  shape of the model and of her surrounding  environment to build form and add a solid physical strength and structure to the body.  I want to explore the figure by looking at how  Negative spaces  add interest to the composition . I will also use  foreshortening as an interesting drawing device. I am interested in how different artists achieve structure to their figure drawings and I will be looking at and analysing drawings by Henry Moore, Frank Auerbach and Jenny Saville. As  I particularly like the way these three artists are not necessarily concerned with capturing a likeness but instead are concerned with  conveying the physical make up of the human form.

For my final pieces I want to achieve a sense of a 3 D form to my figure drawings to experiment with  gestural mark making , tone and lighting to add atmosphere and feeling . I have struggled previously with some of the technical elements of figure composition such as fitting the whole body onto my paper, these issues i will be attempting to resolve . I am also looking at adding a sense of drama by exploring short exciting poses using a life model. I also want to revisit self portraiture a discipline  that I find very challenging – but  for my personal project i  want to focus on the structure of my facial features rather than concern myself with capturing a likeness. I want to convey how the human body which is comprised of 60% water , a complex skeletal structure , internal organs , fat and muscle can translate into a drawing with the use of clever marks and drawing mediums.
Finally I am hoping to achieve an understanding of how the basic elements of drawing using  basic techniques can strengthen my drawing skills so that I can take something from this project onto the next stage of my studies.


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