Drawing one part 5 – personal project – final piece life drawing

for  one of my final pieces  I want to explore life drawing. I am looking to convey form and structure to the drawing by using drawing techniques such as gestural mark making to add dimensional form to my drawings. I wanted to create solidity and a sense of presence. I started by doing some 3 minute sketches of quick poses using willow charcoal sticks – quickly capturing the shapes of the body using lines. I tried to be economical with the line as I was chiefly  concerned with capturing the shapes  I think the drawings work fairly  well I feel that that i  have captured the form of the model  and the curves and shapes of her body , I was careful to note the models   petite frame and  tiny waist. Her legs in comparison were short and fairly muscular. After doing the quick poses I did two longer poses of one hour each. This time my model is  seated on a small wooden table covered with a heavy piece of dark coloured cloth. The pose I chose is looking full on. She has her legs tucked up with her arms supporting the stance of the pose. This pose perfectly  emphasised her small waist and narrow shoulders. I found her foreshortened legs quite challenging. I did one drawing using charcoal and the other drawing using soft pastels. For the pastel drawing I choose pinks, reds and blue tones  as I wanted to convey the feeling that she has red blood pumping around the models body and I also wanted to convey a sense of the muscular make up of her body.  I carefully layered the colours to establish the tones taking care to look at the light and dark areas. For  my  charcoal  drawing I also drew the heavy folds of the cloth on the table as I wanted to capture the darkness and dense tones of the material against the soft texture of her body. I was fairly pleased with the finished drawings as I feel that they do convey structure, form and feeling. My only regret is there are no more life drawing classes until the middle of September!

Below are my three quick drawings.


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