drawing one – part 5 – the personal project – finding a subject

After looking though my work and assessing my work I then Needed to make a decision on finding a subject to explore.

After much reflection this is my final decision

Looking though all the work that I produced in the four units that make up drawing one – I carefully looked at all the themes and decided to focus on the human figure for my personal project. I have decided to focus on exploring different elements such as the self portrait which I had found a challenge in unit four, the figure including life drawing.

SUBJECT – the focus is on structure of the human figure

MATERIALS – I will be exploring using drawing mediums to convey the structure of the human form looking at mark making to add dimension

FORMAT – this will depend on the proportions but it is likely that I will be using both  landscape and portrait Format

SUPPORT – this will be paper but I will also look at using textured and coloured paper.

COMPOSITION – I am looking at capturing drama , movement by using some interesting poses including short poses in life drawing. I will work had to fit the whole body onto my paper. I am looking to exploring a dramatic self portrait rather exploring structure rather than a tradition style portrait

MOOD  –  I am aiming for drama and atmosphere and want to explore my relationship to my subject so will use a variety of models including my daughter.

LINE – TONE – I will be exploring line and tone but will be using tone in the final pieces.

ABSTRACT OR REALIST – I am aiming to capture a realistic form but I am also aiming to explore shapes and will explore angles and some poses may have a slightly abstract element to them. I will be looking at different lighting to add drama and atmosphere.

SIZE – I am aiming to produce A1 sized drawing for the final pieces.

FEELING –  I want my medium to convey an emotive feel to the human figure. To express solidity and weight.

BACKGROUND – I will include some of the background as it helps to suggest proportions, and a sense of the figure belonging into its environment –

SKETCHBOOKS – I now have an A4 sketchbook and I will be using it to support my ideas , to explore the human figure and to record information useful to my development as I explore my personal project


LEARNING LOG – I will use my log to record my progress   And to record my responses to my work I will also use it to look at contempory artists and to record my responses to their work and as a method of learning from them


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