My personal thoughts on drawing one part 4 – the face and figure

my thoughts on finishing assignment 4

i found drawing one part four a  very inspiring and rewarding section of drawing one.

i feel That part 4  has  helped me along my journey and that I have learnt a great deal. I have looked at the structure and form of the human figure. I have looked at proportions including foreshortening. I Have attended local life drawing classes working directly from a male and female model –  the only downside is that I didn’t attend as many  life classes as I Felt I needed due to work commitments and the half term holiday. But nonetheless i found the classes very helpful. I went on to study facial features  – an area that I found very challenging. I still need to work more on facial features. I leant many new skills such as where the darkest and lightest areas are found on the face. I enjoyed the research projects and discovered some interesting contemporary artists and looked at some of their drawing methods. I used larger paper and tried out some different media including hard pastels and compressed charcoal. I have used my sketchbook more and finished one of them.  I Attended a really inspiring study trip to the British museum and had the opportunity to view original drawings and learnt about the drawing processes of both historical and contemporary artists. There was also the opportunity to sketch the original drawings. I look forward to exploring further some of the skills that I have picked up from the course – with the opportunity to advance my own working processes and studies. I have really enjoyed the course. I also feel that I have grown in confidence.


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