Drawing one part 4 assignment 4 – self portrait

for this that drawing the idea is to produce  a self portrait or portrait combining line and tone using any size paper and medium.. The features should be in proportion to the rest of the body – neck shoulders and chest.

Look at interesting positions from different angles using mirrors. In my sketchbook I began by looking at contemporary artists and explored some of their techniques – I looked at Elizabeth Peyton’s portraits where she uses coloured pencil. I looked at Alay Raich and liked  the confident way in which he uses felt tip pens as a medium and hoe he skilfully builds  up form and colour using lines. I looked at the charcoal heads of Agnes Grochulska and Frank Auerbach, both of these artists seem concerned with capturing structural elements of the head shape often using charcoal in layers.

I began by doing a series of quick pencil sketches looking at my head in a mirror and moving  my head to capture different angles

I also explored coloured pencil and felt tip pencil in my sketchbook. I was largely concerned with capturing form, shapes  and structure rather than a likeness. I think I made some progess with my drawings and I found it both a challenge and an interesting experiment.


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