drawing One – part 4 – assignment 4 – self portrait final piece

once I had experimented with capturing the form  and structure of my head and had spend some time  looking at contemporary artists – I did an initial  drawing using graphite pencil and Mark making to suggest form.  I then used waxy crayons to do a drawing in candlelight  concerned with tone and shadows. I then did the final piece in a darkened room lit by a dimmed lamp. I used blue paper and hard pastels. I placed the mirror fairly close and used the pastels to capture the light source, tone and form. The lightest area of my face was a patch of white light on the bridge of my nose , an area of my neck and some strands of my hair. The darkest areas were around the hair on my shoulders. I was not concerned with colour as much as lights and darks and mood.I was wearing a heavy dressing gown so attempted to capture the weight of the grown on my shoulders. I attempted to capture mood and expression. I had very little light in the room which I think added to the atmosphere. I have never used hard pastels before  and found them quite challenging as they do not blend as well as the softer varieties- but I liked the effect on the paper and the way the eye blends the lines together.



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