Drawing one – part 4 assignment second drawing

The second drawing for assignment 4 is to draw a figure using tone but this  time we were asked to draw  a reclining model. The instructions is to dress the model in fairly tight fitting clothing. Also to allow the light and shadows to fall across the figure in an interesting way and also to look  out for negative spaces., form and atmosphere.

once again I used my daughter as a model. I did a couple of basic and quick sketches in my sketchbook.

I got my daughter to lay back against a soft armchair- I let her choose a comfortable position as I was aiming to capture a natural position. used a large  lamp which produced large areas of light that fell across the figure producing a  bleaching effect on her clothing.

Again I used A1 paper – heavy weight with s smooth texture. For the medium I used charcoal – soft thin sticks of willow charcoal and a extra large compressed charcoal block as well as charcoal pencils to define areas of my drawing , similar to how contemporary artist Agnes Grochulska uses charcoal.I lightly sketched in the form of the figure being careful to fit the whole body onto the page. I  then blocked in tone and built up my drawing. I left the areas of my paper where the light fell across the figure just white – using the white paper as the lightest tone. I used my hands and fingers as well as a putty rubber to work and lift up the charcoal- this technique I found very liberating, exhilarating  and uplifting as I felt I was literally working in the very core of my drawing.I was influenced by the charcoal drawings of Frank Auerbach – the way  he works his drawings are fascinating he draws his drawing then  erases it , then redraws it again  then repeats  this process. In comparison my drawing is maybe Auerbach’s first part of the process as I only spend 2 hours on it and didn’t erase all of my drawing. I recently saw the Auerbach exhibition at the Tate earlier and last month I was lucky enough to look a drawing of his in the British museum. I am in awe of Auerbach’s beautiful drawings and I am impressed and inspired by the intensity of his drawings and the way he captures structure. I only spend 2 hours on my drawing and feel that I could have continued with it – but I felt it was okay as it was,  and I feel that I managed to capture my models likeness. I really loved doing this drawing and found using charcoal was very refreshing and exciting.. I loved the freedom of it and I enjoyed working this way. As I drew I looked out for negative spaces. The hands look fairly large but I was careful to measure them against the head and the face  and they were fairly large in proportion due to the angle. I also think I managed to capture the foreshortening of the figure .All in all I am quite pleased with my drawing .


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