Drawing one- part 4 assignment 4 – first drawing seated figure

for assignment 4 the instructions is to do three figure studies

The first drawing  is of a seated model in an upright chair – this drawing is about capturing the figure as a 3 dimensional form using line – either using a single line or a combination of lines – both narrow and thick , curved or straight – fractured expressive , gestural , dynamic and dramatic.

I used my daughter as a model and got her to seat in a chair. I started by doing some quick sketches primarily looking at form. I then drew the final piece on A1 paper. I used a heavy weight smooth paper. I used graphite pencils and once I had established the shapes playing attention to the negative  spaces I build up the form of the figure using lines –  a combination of lines some curved and some straight , some small and sparse and some thicker.. I was particularly interested in capturing the form and structure of the body with my mark making. I also measured the chair to plot the porportions of the figure. I lightly sketched the background to add a sense of depth to my drawing. I found the drawing a challenge as i Do not usually draw in this way but found it very inspiring and interesting. I think the hair and facial features are the weakest areas of my drawing. – and I  Struggled to capture her facial  likeness – I feel she looks older than she actually is. I think the limbs work really well and I managed to fit the whole figure on the page. I did however experience difficulty photographing my drawing and getting a clear image.


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