Drawing one part 4 – the face And the figure – project 5 – the face -exercise 3 draw a portrait from memory or,from the imagination

for this project the idea is to create a portait of a fictional character based on a description in a book. I drew a graphite and charcoal pencil portrait of Catherine Earnshaw from the novel “wuthering heights ” by Emily Bronte. In the book she is described as wild and unruly with a love of the Yorkshire moors. In my picture i included an imaginary Yorkshire view. I have read the novel several times and although  Catherine has an wild unpredictable side to her personality she is also a victim , raised by her father with a brutal and cruel older brother  so in my drawing I   also wanted to focus on her relative youth and her vulnerability. She is also described as being proud and haughty – so I attempted also to show this in the  facial expressions as well as capturing a sense of her unhappiness as I also feel that in parts of the book she is extremely unhappy and unsettled.. In the Novel ,  the characters and the moorland land setting is described as bleak so  I decided to do a black and white monochrome drawing I used A3 cartridge paper photographing my drawing as it progressed.I felt reasonably pleased with my drawing.


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