Drawing one – part four – the figure and face – project 3 form – exercise 3 stance

the object of this exercise is to work from a standing model and look for the line of balance or the centre of gravity – which begins at the top of the skull and passes though the middle of the chest cravity. With a back view the line begins at back of the neck onto to spinal column. For a side view the line of balance starts at the back of the ear and travels down to the weight bearing foot.

I drew quick poses from 2 clothed model. To be honest I found this exercise a challenge as I was not sure that I was following what I was supposed to do? Although I spend some time looking at the angles of the body and found the best way to approach my drawings was to focus on shapes and not to be too fussed with capturing features or clothing. I did my quick sketches in my sketchbook. I feel that although I didn’t fully understand the brief of the exercise I did gain some understanding of rage structure of a model and how gravity influences it.


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