Drawing one part 4 – the figure and the face project 3 – form

– exercise one basic shapes

This exercise is about describing the form of the figure to create the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensional plane.

for this exercise the instruction is to draw a seated model – posed on a Chair at a slight angle.  Before drawing consider the angle of the central axis running though the body noticing any twists or bends.  Also block in the the basic shapes noticing which planes of the body are receding and the planes that are parallel to the edge of the picture. Also identify a measured unit to help measure the scale.  I began by  drawing quick sketches of my model from different angles and positions measuring and noting twisted shapes and the gravitational pull of the body -I  identified some  foreshortening on her right thigh. I also indicated tone and shapes around the form  of the body. I feel my drawing is okay as s start at looking at form but I feel I still need to look at it more and maybe use a life model.


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