drawing one – part 4 – the figure and the face – project 3 form -exercise 2 essential elements

This exercise is concerned with the three dimensional form. I drew a sequence of 6 different 10 minute poses looking at tones dark and light.  I returned to a local life drawing drop in class ( a week later that I really wanted to , but the class was closed for half term) This week we drew from a male model which was clallenging as most classes I have attended seem to use female models – but it was interesting as the muscular structure of the male body is a little different. I drew some of the quick poses in my sketch book on a fairly small scale using coloured pencils and a large graphite stick. I then drew 3  large 10 minutes drawings

using ink and a brush on large A1 paper – which I felt worked better than using a small sketchbook. We did a standing pose, a seated pose and a pose with the model crouching. I used the ink in washes to suggest form and tone. I found the exercise a challenge as it was difficult to block in the lights and darks in a really short time – but I think some of the drawings seem to work.


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