Drawing one part 4 – the figure and the face- proportion exercise 2 a longer study

This exercise is about Drawing a model but this time  a longer pose. Again I used A1 paper , charcoal and putty rubber. I began by putting down small marks on the paper then  measuring as I continued to build up the form for the figure. I. Did two drawings one I spend an hour on the other drawing around 40 minutes. I feel that I have made some process towards  capturing  the form and structure as well as the characteristics of the pose ( which was a seated pose) . I also feel,that my life drawings do have sufficient presence particularly working fairly large although the first drawing I  did tended  to fill the left hand side of my page more so in the 40 minutes drawing I attempted to place the figure more evenly across the paper. I think I have successed  in measuring the proportions . I think I managed fairly well  with tackling the challeng of  the foreshortened left leg.The  tutor that led the class commented that  my drawings were bold and confident which I was pleased about as it has been several years since I have done any life drawing.


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