Drawing one part 4 the face and figure part 1 – fabric and form

Exercise 1 – drawing fabric using line and tone

for this exercise I roughly threw a plain sheet across a chair folding and gathering it to respond to the creases and folds of he fabric.

firstly I drew a line only drawing on pencil on A3 paper – I spend 15 minutes on my drawing.

I then drew another drawing of the same piece of fabric across the chair also on A3 paper this time looking at tone – again I spend 15  minutes on my drawing using charcoal and a putty rubber.

I then divided another sheet of A3 paper into 8 squares and drew a series of 5 minute drawings looking carefully at the shapes caused by the folds – I used a variety of drawing mediums including graphite pencil , pen , charcoal, and conte crayons. As mentioned on the instructions I followed the curves of the shapes by drawing blindly letting my pencil or charcoal glide across the paper. I found the exercise quite challenging particularly suggesting the volume of the fabric- but found an easier approach was not to think about drawing a piece of folded fabric but to concentrate on drawing shapes. I think that using tone rather than line seems to work better and that charcoal seemed the best medium to use. I found. The exercise interesting as it made me really look at what I was drawing and then making decisions on what to put on the paper.


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