Drawing one part 4 -the figure and the face- project one drawing fabric – exercise 2 – emphasising form with cloth

for this exercise the instructions is to draw a seated figure wearing either a plain and pale coloured shawl , baggy jumper or a soft dressing g gown.

I used my daughter for a model. I posed my model in a chair wearing a large plain shawl wrapped around her upper body covering her arms and hands. She pulled her hair back so that I could focus on the shape and form of her head. I drew light in a 2B pencil then used a 6B graphite stick to build up the form and add  tone. I carefully noted the way the fabric molded to the form creating a heavy structure to the form so that the effect is of a whole form. My daughter is very petite so the shawl swamped her form. I found it very difficult to suggest the form of the body underneath the heavy and large shape of the shawl. It was interesting to look at a figure as a complete shape.

I think also drawing a seated figure was a challenge as well trying to capture the models posture as the shawl seemed to hide the shape of her upper body. I enjoyed the exercise and I am now looking forward to exploring the body further as I have booked some life drawing sessions.image


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