Assignment – three Drawing one

On the advice of my tutor I re-worked assignment three in pastel’s using the composition from my ink study. I used cream coloured A2 size pastel paper. I loosely sketched free hand the composition from my ink study in pencil. I then built up the colour and tones in layers using board marks with my pastels. I feel that I like my drawing although it does seem very green – I think I was a little influenced by Astrup’s landscapes that I had seem recently at the Dulwich picture gallery.  But the area of Greenwich park from my work is very overgrown with a lot of foliage and greenery which I wanted to capture in my drawing. I kept the top part of my picture paler in tone as in the aerial perspective principle.

I spend 2 hours on my drawing – but took regular breaks and at intervals stood back to look and review and assess  my work – i also took some photographs of my drawing as i worked on it,  to record my progress.


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