Drawing one – part 3 outdoors – final assignment piece and reflection

I used ink blocks , water and a brush for the final piece of assignment 3. Armed with A2 cream paper pinned on my drawing broad and all my sketches , sketchbook and notes I drew on location. I decided to stand up to draw  as I felt this offered the best view of the building. I worked fairly quickly as I was standing. I had s couple of breaks and spend around one hour and 45 minutes on my drawing ( the criteria in my handbook says up to 2 hours on the main drawing) , I decided to leave out some of the tree branches as the composition seemed better and I also didn’t include the bench on the left hand side of the building as it seemed too fussy. My view from my standing postition is looking up though the trees and looking at the building . I found the building a challenge as it had straight vertical lines as well as a curved rounded edge as well as a domed roof. I decided on aerial perspective graduating the tones to suggest distance. The lower part of the trees , their foliage and the window panes were the darkest toned areas. I used brighter colours in the foreground. I deliberately under developed the domed roof as this part of the composition was furthest away. I didn’t finish the drawing but kept to the time scale of up to 2 hours. I felt parts of my drawing worked as I felt I had captured a fleeting moment outside on a sunny early April afternoon. But  I am not fully sure I have completely mastered perspective yet – so I feel that the building is definitely the weakest area of my drawing. I probably should have started again but I didn’t have time. I may re-work it !

My reflection on drawing one part 3 – a very challenging project but I really felt inspired and so far this has been my favourite part of the course. I really enjoyed working on location and really  enjoyed observing nature and watching the season subtly change. In January I observed bare branches and  now the trees have changed and developed new growth of blossom and foliage. I enjoyed all the research points and really found looking at landscape artists very helpful, inspiring and useful. I learn a lot about evaluing my environmental and how to record what I see. I learnt about perspective and how to suggest distance – although I still need to master some of the skills and techniques. I learnt about the golden ratio and the rule of thirds . I learnt how to use a viewfinder. I did a lot of looking and trying to capture atmosphere. I enjoyed particularly the studies of cloud formations , drawing trees and statutes – all useful at developing observational drawing. I learnt about composition looking at how to construct a foreground, middle ground and background. I learnt how a view can change just by changing directions and viewpoints . I looked at buildings and use of vertical and horizontal lines. I learnt that when drawing landscape you can decide to leave out things and it is okay to move things around to create a view that can be personal and emotive.



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