Drawing one – part 3 -outdoors- assignment three

for assignment three the criteria is to draw an outdoors scene a view that includes natural objects including trees, plants etc and straight lined objects such as buildings , walls , fences etc to demonstrate an understanding of aerial or linear perspective.

I found my subject matter within the large and busy  Greenwich park there is a walled garden  which is tucked away behind a heavy iron fence called ‘the Royal observatory garden’ this little garden is filled with trees, shrubs and wildlife such as birds and squirrels. The garden is also landscaped, with stone steps disappearing within the green grassy pathways. Just above the  structured beds and trees is one of the Royal observatory buildings  – complete with a white dome and earthy brown bricks. Though the trees you can glimpse the dark window panes.

I began by doing some preliminary drawings and notes in my sketchbook- I tried different compositions some seated and some standing. I observated the lines and structural form of the building.

I also looked and recorded negative shapes within the branches of the three trees. Depending on where I drew I could observe either 2 or 3 trees.

I then did a almost abstract gouache painting exploring the shapes within and around the foliage and trees. I also did a colour pencil drawing and a detailed pencil sketch. I. Also did a large monochromatic ink  and wash sketch. I did a oil crayon drawing exploring colour. I looked at composition and varied it in my studies. I explored using marks with my media to suggest form and texture. I decided to explore aerial perspective using graduated tone.  I wanted to capture the essence and feeling of the place , as it is my favourite area of the park that I associate with childhood memories playing with my siblings and later with time spend there with my own daughter and even going there to watch open air Shakesperian productions , which always seemed magical. In many ways the park is a quiet oasis hidden away in the busy park. As children we used to call it the ‘the secret garden’ . I was keen to capture the magic of this little park.



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