Drawing one part 3 – Townscapes exercise4 – outdoor statues

image.jpegThis exercise is about drawing and exploring outdoor public art statues – either in parks , streets or in Town squares.

I found my subject matter quite by chance – I had been sketching in Greenwich park and after finishing before walking home  I decided to walk up the hill to the  Royal observatory to look at a collection of astromology photos . Looking outside of the upper floor window I noticed a very eye catching statue – it was a figure of the back view of a man wearing a baggy costume. The statue had out stretched arms. I did a very quick pencil sketch as I liked the way the stark wintry sun reflected onto the cold metalic grey hue of the statue. The  shadows cast were very dark intense black- which added an interesting dimension to the statue.

I went downstairs to the courtyard garden of the  cafe where the statue is erected. I sat  at a table so that I could look up, directly at the statue. I established from reading the plaque that the statue was of the famous Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The art work is larger than life sized and the figure is balancing on top of a globe. I drew the statue using pencil and a Pitt graphic marker. I was keen to capture the intensity of the black shadows that had formed on the cold steel of the figure I particularly wanted to capture the way the light filtered on the baggy spacesuit. I added in details of the background as I wanted  to place the statue into its surroundings. Behind the statue are large and very Dark window panes. I also did another quick pencil sketch.

I did these drawings seated looking upwards at the very powerful statue. I really enjoyed this exercise as I felt that as well as observing and recording the essence of the statue I was also interpreting the sculptors vision of his subject matter. I feel that I had achieved something especially capturing the strong light and shadows playing across the smooth texture of the statue. I found the exercise a good way to try and hone my drawing skills particularly at this stage in my studies. i also felt that this  exercise helps with building drawing skills  particularly when working on location and also helps with gaining skills for observational drawing.


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