Drawing one part 3 – project 5 townscapes – exercise 1 sketches of townscapes

This exercise is concerned with producing a serie of sketches of streets in Townscapes from industrial buildings to a collection of domestic houses.

For this exercise I decided to work on location at the Royal Naval college in Greenwich close to where I live.  The naval college is a world heritage site and has a colourful history, the buildings are large and can be overwhelming as they are large with a diverse collection of design features including domes, clock faces, towers, decorative plaster work with eroded carvings , the build work is different styles in places and there are a lot of Windows.

I found a comfy place to sit stone  steps leading to a courtyard facing a row of buildings. Using a 3B pencil I did a drawing of a section of the building on a 10cm square piece of paper and then another drawing again 10cm square but this time recording tones. I found this  challenging due to the scale of the buildings.  I found that as there was so much to draw I had to Make decisions on what I should include in my drawings. It was a cold Late March morning when I began my drawings. The sun was bright but low in the sky casting fairly muted shadows – the darkest tones were the window panes that were deep Matt black. I did some rapid drawings in my sketchbook attempting to capture loosely what I could see. I found the smallness of my sketchbook a challenge so  changed to loose sheets of A4 paper using graphic pen to do line drawings looking for interesting shapes . I also did a sketch looking up at the dome. I evaluated my work as I drew not using a rubber but instead re-drawing errors. I recalled John Virtues drawing methods – virtue was concerned with capturing the essence of the place  which I found an interesting and helpful approach when faced with  a very complicated building.

I spend 3 hours sketching and really felt a connection with the place – I felt like a small dot on the timeline of the historical buildings, some of the buildings are used as lecture rooms for the university of Greenwich and for a music college – today as it is the Easter break there were hardly any people about.

i wrote notes in my sketchbook,and evaluated my work with the notion of using some of the drawings for the basis of a larger drawing . I really enjoyed this exercise although I found perspective a real challenge .


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