Drawing one – part 3 – project 4 perspective exercise 3

This exercise is to explore Aerial or atmospheric perspective. This type of perspective uses tonal gradation to suggest distance. Basically the further away the view is the tones values become lighter and not so defined or clear.

Again I worked on location at Greenwich park. I decided to sketch the view from the top of the hill looking down on to the maritime museum and queens house.  I quickly established by eye view which as I was looking down was below the horizon. Using coloured pencils i did a 10 minute tonal drawing plotting the basic shapes without adding any detail. I then did a larger drawing using pencil biro and markers and watercolour wash. I then did an hour long drawing in biro exploring whether it was possible to produce an aerial perspective drawing just using lines?  For the last drawing I only suggested the buildings beyond the horizon which seemed too work well.


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