Drawing one part 3 – perspective- exercise 1 parallel perspective- an interior view

  • For this exercise the instructions given in the course notes  is to draw a view though a doorway inside a building. It could be a view from one room into another or a view from a room into a corridor or hall. If possible try to arrange it so that there is a rectangular rug infront of the  the doorway. For this exercise I Sketched  seated on a low chair  the view from the staff room  doorway at work , that leads out to a corridor.  As I drew  in pencil using lines only, I carefully checked the angles of the receding lines against the horizontal and vertical lines of the doorframe. I did this by eye – I established that my eye level was level with the door handle. I did not use a ruler or rub out any errors instead I added corrections onto my drawing.

Once completed I checked my drawing to establish whether my horizontal lines receded  into a single vanishing point then I used a ruler to draw on and extend  the receding lines to check whether they meet. Then again using the ruler I then checked  the vertical lines  against the single vanishing point. I was surprised that my lines and angles seemed to recede to the vanishing point. I tried the exercise again on a different doorway also at work this time from my office ( but  this time I did my drawing standing)  again I  checked the perspective using a ruler and again my drawing seemed to be a perspective drawing ?  I was surprised that the angles seem correct but also worried that I was doing the exercise wrong or using the wrong technique to measure the lines?-  I definitely feel I may have done something wrong?

i found using a ruler interesting as I have never used one in this way before and really never use a ruler at all when sketching – but I found it a useful tool. I just hope that I have interpreted the exercise correctly ?


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