Drawing one – landscape – exercise 1 – developing your studies

looking at my preparatory drawing I began looking at any elements to include in a larger drawing. I felt drawn to the tree studies that I had done at my local park – as i really like their interesting textures and how light adds interest to the landscape though the negative shapes forms between the branches and form of the trees . I decided to return to the park and work on location. It was 11am on a very warm and sunny early spring day. I particularly liked the way that the branches of the trees in the bright sunlight  cast deep and very intense  shadows and interesting shapes  onto the grass. The wavy shapes looked to me like elongated  spider legs!

I began by looking for interesting shapes around the focal tree. I then did another drawing using inktense pencils and a brush and water. I used my  pencil marks  to capture texture.

I enjoyed the project and will develop it further using larger paper. During my time in the park drawing i  encountered a pair of robin birds , and did a rapid sketch of them.

I am not entirely sure whether I am yet fully  confident with using inktense pencils but I did enjoy using them – and look forward to experimenting some more with them. I found them very useful when working on location as they are very portable and take a wash very well.


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