Drawing one – project 3 composition research on golden mean and the rule of thirds

For this project I researched the golden mean and rule of thirds s

As someone who is number dyslexic I found researching thr golden mean probably the hardest thing to understand and grasp in the whole of drawing one. The basis behind the theory I found very challenging.

However this is what I discovered during the course of my research.  Basically the golden mean sometimes referred to as the golden ratio is a mathematical ratio used in art, photography and architecture. It is an ancient principle that goes way back into the distant past. The Design of the Parthenon in Greece follows the principle. Many early artists including Botticelli and Da Vinci used the idea to plan their compositions. Da Vinci used the golden rectangle to compose his painting of the last supper.

The idea behind the ratio is that the composition is pleasing to the eye. The ratio is also found in nature. Golden rectangles are seen as the most visually pleasing rectangles.

The rules of thirds

One of the earliest references to the rule of thirds is by John Thomas Thomas  Smith ( 1766-1833)

the rule of thirds is used today in photography and some model cameras include the grid on the viewfinder.

Basically it relates to a number of powerful visual areas within a rectangle that can be used to enhance compositions. Divide a rectangle into four horizontally and vertical lines – this creates nine equal rectangles within the rectangle. The rule states that the centre of interest is somewhere along these lines.






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