Drawing one landscape exercise 360 studies

The object of this exercise is to find an expansive landscape view with an open view in all directions and to complete four 15 minute drawings starting from looking North then turn on the same spot to face west then south then finally east. Using my viewfinder I  began by finding for a focal point to frame my view. Using a Pitt graphic pen I drew  I worked outside in a wooded area of the local park. I quickly established a point of interest and framed the view with my viewfinder before starting each drawing. As time was fairly short I used various marks to suggest tone using another Pitt pen but with a wider brush like  nip. I used scribble marks , hatching and lines to suggest the density of the foliage.

It was a cold day but peaceful and the area I was sketching was deserted apart from a pair of robins !  Every so often the sun emerged casting deep dark shadows at the feet of the trees giving a surreal like quality to the landscape.It was an interesting exercise and it was interesting to look at the differences in my compositions from  just moving my viewpoints. I feel I would like to draw

in this way again I like drawing directly from nature and enjoy the discipline of working quickly – as it forces me to make quick decisions when drawing. I was not completely happy with my drawings although I feel that I do achieve something.


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