Drawing one part 3 – project 2 landscape – exercise 2 sketchbook walk

This exercise is about going for a walk and producing four sketches of your walk.

I did this exercise on my way home from work on a late winters  afternoon at  2.30 . The area I walk pass is a London side  street with  several   Residential houses with some trees. It was quiet day  with very little traffic on the road. The weather  was dry but dull with a very grey sky with very few clouds in the sky. The light was low with no warmth or sunlight.

I drew my four  sketches rapidly using a 3b pencil. I didn’t use a rubber but instead drew over my errors. There were very few shadows around so i found it a challenge to capture tonal values. I worked rapidly trying to capture movement  trying to use my pencil marks in a fairly loose manner – i also tried not to be bogged down by too much detail as i  was aiming to capture a feel of the view. I used my viewfinder to quickly establish a composition.

I  tried to balance my drawings by adding the trees and buildings in the background to add a sense of movement to the drawings.

I really enjoyed the exercise and found it useful in developing quick  observational sketches as I was forced to make decisions very quickly. I feel I would like to work in this way again but next time maybe using colour and  spending more time on each of the drawings. I am fairly happy with my drawings although I feel I need to pay more attention to establishing tones and I feel that I need to work more on composition



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