Drawing one part 3 – landscape cloud formations and tone

imageFor this exercise I spend 2 weeks sketching cloud formations concentrating on creating form and tone. I observed how the  different times of the day and changing weather patterns altered the look and tone of the  clouds.

I used textured paper and did tiny sketches which I pasted into my sketchbook. I used different media including pen, coloured pencils , watercolours and pro-marker graphic pens.

i also wrote observational notes recording  the colours that i observed as well as, light, weather conditions and time of day.

I really enjoyed this exercise and discovered a lot about clouds and really enjoying recording the changing colours , i was not fully aware of how  many different colours and shapes there were before really looking at the clouds. It was also interesting to see how weather conditions impacted on clouds. I also spend quite a lot of time just watching the clouds to get the feel of them .

i feel I will probably re-visit clouds as there is a lot to learn from sketching them.


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