Drawing one- part 3 exercise one cloud formations research point

for this research following the sketching cloud formation exercises we were asked to look at the work of Vija Celmins and look particularly at her approach to drawing other natural elements such as the night sky and the sea.

Vija Celmins was born in Latvia in 1938 but she moved to the USA when still a child.

Celmins produces photo realism works mainly of the desert , the sea and constellations. Using source materials such as her own photographs as well of sources found in magazines and books. Celmins has developed a painstaking process of slowly building up her work using layered marks including tiny dabs and stippling. She works in black and white concerned with exploring tone and  light this approach  seems  to add dimension to the flat surface of the picture plane. She uses a range of  different media including charcoal and pencil.

I found Vija Celmins techniques really interesting particularly as she does not seem to work in colour which really really seems to  to work adding atmosphere to her drawings. I also thought the use of photography very  useful particularly in capturing rapid movement in landscape including cloud formation. I found when doing  my  cloud sketches I had to work really fast which is why I used watercolour, but with photographs you can draw slowly taking time to build up the layers as Celmins does in her work. I think for me using photography could be useful particularly using black and white photos. I also looked at the Vimeo video clip which was inspiring and interesting. I now certainly feel that there is a lot to explore with drawing landscape.





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