Drawing one – part 3 – trees

Despite the cold weather I really enjoyed drawing trees. I had reservations at first about drawing winter trees but the lack of foliage seemed to enhance the shapes and form of the trees.  Due to the cold weather I worked fairly quickly which helped me to keep my drawings simple and flowing. The trees were all sweet chestnuts but each had  an individual quality with differing shapes. I conveyed the shapes between the branches with observing the negative shapes and by using some tone. I drew the texture of the trees using marks learnt from earlier in the course. I drew some of the shapes without taking my pencil or pen off the page and following the outlines  by eye. I used mixed media on the group sketch of trees building up tonal values slowly in layers. On the shorter sketches I used pro marker pens, a biro and various grades of graphite pencil.

most of the trees that I sketched were sweet chestnuts as there are more of this type of tree than any other in Greenwich park. I did see some evergreens over the wall in the gardens of the properties outside of the park. I did attempt to draw these but it was harder to focus as they were quite far away. They were smaller trees with scanty green foliage. Which I sketched freely using mainly scribbled marks to suggest the leaves. I didn’t like these drawings as much – mainly because I couldn’t make out  much detail as they were to far away.

on the whole  I really enjoyed working on the project and will definitely continue to draw trees as I found them very inspiring  and intriguing to draw , as the shapes were so vast and organic. The only thing I could do better is to work larger but the cold weather was against me and I had problems with my hands becoming stiff from the cold. I feel drawing trees is a very good discipline to strengthen my  observational drawing skills. I am looking forward to exploring more with outdoor sketching definitely something more exciting to me than drawing still life.



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