Drawing one – part 3 Project one trees

Exercise one is about sketching individual trees. So on a cold but bright late January I set off to Greenwich park to sketch some trees. It was 11am and  The day was bright with a low dazzling winter sun low in the sky.

All the trees in Greenwich park are well established mature trees. Very large and majestic. I sketched the sweet chestnuts. Each tree seemed to have its own unique character and form that I really wanted to capture in my sketches. The solid thick trunks had a scaly ridged texture that almost looks like someone had carved into the body of the tree or a little like the skin of a reptile. The thick branches stretched upwards supporting skeletal and delicate twigs.

due to the cold I worked quickly using my sketch book and sheets of heavy textured paper. I drew using soft graphite pencil and pro maker pens establishing the basic shapes observing the negative spaces. Keeping my drawings loose and fluid I used marks such as scribbles  to suggest the solid structure of the ancient trees. I tried to keep my drawings simple . I am fairly pleased with my drawing and feel I have began to to understand the basic structure and  form of the trees.


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