Re-working assignment 2

imagei was not at all happy with assignment 2 and taking onboard my tutors comments – I decided to re-do the assignment working from the beginning discarding the work and subject matter that I had already done.

Looking back at my previous work I was torn on wether to develope my animal studies or look at still life.

Starting afresh I decided to do a still life with both natural and man made objects.

i began with sketches in my sketch book – looking at some possible compositions using large vine tomatoes, some beetroots and a pale coloured China jar. I also added a large multi coloured scarf. later I added a large brightly coloured China tray and took away the scarf as the scarf hid all the shapes as I wanted to explore the negative shapes between the objects. I experimented with grouping and angles changing around my compositions . I did a charcoal drawing looking at tonal values using the scarf ,but again I feel that the scarf did not add to the composition in any way. I did a series of colour sketches Using a range of different media including gouache and oil pastels. I did a large gouache sketch picking out abstract shapes using colour. I did a gouache on coloured paper of just the jar and the tomatoes . I did some drawings with coloured pencils on orange paper that contrasted with the purple of the beetroots. I experimented with landscape and portrait views. I did some quick linear pencil studies and a detailed tonal study of the tomatoes using different grades of pencil building up layers to suggest form.

after much evaluation including sleepless nights. I decided to use pastels as my medium and use the China tray rather than the scarf. I placed my objects in the tray and after a lot of thought  placed the tray on an angle on a wooden board as I liked the combination of shapes. I used A2 paper and carefully build up colour. I used marks to try and suggest the roundness and form of the fruit. I added lighter tones last. I found the jar a challenge as I struggled with the tones and shadows.

My throughts are a bit mixed as still life is not a genre I usually would pick but felt I had learn a lot from studying it earlier in the course. There was a lot of decision making in the progess deciding on composition and medium. But despite the challenges I did eventually enjoy experimenting and taking time to evaluate and look at my work. I still have reservations about the final piece and feel I may still revisit it later on. I feel I did learn a lot re-working the assignment and that I am ready to move on.






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