Interiors exercise5- mixed media

For this project using mixed media – coloured pens, pencil, collage and oil pastels I decided to focus on the clutter in my home – ‘clutter or treasure’

I did four drawings – 2 on each piece of a2 paper.

i used a variety of media Including using newspaper and discarded post for areas of collage. I really enjoyed using oil pastels and found they blended well and I enjoyed layering them to produce tone,

i went into the living and dining rooms drawing items on the shelves – I drew the clock on the mantle piece with faux flowers, I drew a shelve containing glue, painting brushes, a red crate and folders, I drew two shelves from the dresser and another shelf with a twig tree, a white figurine and a mirror.

i really enjoyed working on this project and feel I am making some progess with mixed media. I also feel my drawing work well to ‘explain ‘ household clutterimage.jpegimageimageimage.jpeg


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