drawing one – assignment 2


the brief for this assignment is to do either a still life, animal studies or an interior scene or a combination. Also to demonstrate colour in drawing, use of medium , composition, mark making, contrasts of line and form and tone. Also to experiment with ideas , method and tone.

Looking back at the work I have produced I decided that interiors had been challenging but very refreshing and interesting .

I did some on site sketches of a local pub in Greenwich – which is inside the covered in market – so that the outdoor seating areas are under cover. This area is where I worked. I did some sketches of the area and colour notes – I also drew some people in the area. I made a mood board using some notes and some cut out details from a couple of digital photos.

i had planned to do the final piece in pastel but found I had no large pastel paper left and due to illness I was behind so did not  have time to go and buy some. So I decided to do a mixed media piece instead. I began by sticking a few torn pages from an old radio times magazine on to some heavy duty paper. Using pen I mapped out my composition and used oil pastels and coloured pens to fill out the tones. I also used white drawing ink.

I feel that my drawing does not work the composition does not seem to flow well And does not flow – I think I used the wrong medium – I would have liked to have started again but I have run out of time. I feel that I need to re- work the assignment as I am not happy with it. I feel the drawing is too confusing and is definitely not my best work.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimageimageimage


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