Research point – interiors

The brief is to find contemporary artists that have included domestic interiors in there work and to analysis their choice of content , medium and format etc.

looking at online resources it did become clear to me that interior scenes have always played a major part in an artists development and as a genre has played a major part in the history of art.

The Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi 1864-1916 painted large oils of interiors often containing a solitary figure  viewed from behind. What I particularly like about Hammershoi is how he captured the Scandinavian light and shadows with a  cool palette  his paintings are literally suffused with light- there is also a real sense of space within his compositions and he was clearly an excellent draftsman.

During the 1950’s the art world seemed to be  very much influenced by fashion and culture – maybe this was an reaction to the end of the  war years and they were embracing the end austerity. Many popular artists including Richard Hamilton, and Edvardo Poalozzi featured interiors of kitchens often showing off modern kitchen designs including new appliances.

These works have almost a commercial quality to them as though they are selling a lifestyle. Many of the artists used different mediums including ,screen printing , mixed media and acrylic paints. The post war years were a time of experimenting with new mediums

Richard Hamilton produced mixed media collages of interior scenes with a quirky sense of humour to his work

Artists of the 1950s and 1960s also produced work that reflected the fashion and culture of the day. Roy Lichenstein produced cartoon inspired interiors. David Hockney painted large interiors in acrylic of fashionable interiors populated with his fashionably dressed friends – probably the most well known of these paintings is ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy.

later Hockney produced looser prints and lithographs of unpopulated interiors that to me seem homely as they seem to have a sense of moving away from commercialism and replacing it with a more intimate style of interior.

Edvardo Paolozzi  in the 1970s produced a serie of domestic interiors using screen printing  as his preferred medium.

Anthony Green from the 1960s used his art to record autobiographical aspects of his life. Green used an unusual perspective in his large oil paintings – where the viewer is looking down onto the Green family as they go about their everyday lives. Some of the paintings are intimate but essentially what is interesting about them is they record a normal family life.

i ended my research by looking at contemporary artists.

i was particularly drawn to William Savage born 1974. Savage has produced several interior scenes using different mediums – I particularly liked his use of mixed media. He seems particularly concerned with capturing light and mood. He also manages to depict clutter in an interesting way. I also like his compositions.

Sources used

Interior 1964-5 by Richard Hamilton 1922-2011
Interior 1964-5 Richard Hamilton 1922-2011 Presented by Rose and Chris Prater through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975
Pembroke Studio Interior 1984 by David Hockney born 1937
Pembroke Studio Interior 1984 David Hockney born 1937 Presented by the artist 1993



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