Project6- at home exercise 2 – composition – interiors at the

This exercise is about looking carefully at interior composition , taking care to observe angles noting where objects are placed. Trying out different viewpoints. I chose to draw in the kitchen looking at the windowsill. I did quick sketches of the same composition but experimenting with portrait and landscape view points and standing and seated on a chair. Unfortunately I have recently been ill with a chest infection so was unable to sit on the floor due to pulling my side during bouts of coughing.

i used a soft pencil  to do fairly quick 25 minutes sketches in my sketchbook, mapping in the basic shapes and tones. It was a dull December morning so there was not a lot of natural light. I carefully noted the shapes and spaces around the objects paying attention to the negative spaces.

after completion of my preliminary sketches I carefully looked though my 4 drawings evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. I feel that the sitting sketch with the curtain on the left of the picture plain worked fairly well and I preferred the portrait viewpoint. I feel I may review these sketches if I get some spare time as I would like to explore working with the window.

I really enjoyed this exercise my only regret is I would have liked to have more time , but I was a week behind due to being ill.

i do feel that I am starting to make some progress with developing composition.



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