Exercise 3 – tonal study – interior

the object of this exercise is to do a tonal study.

i used A2 paper charcoal , a white pencil and a putty rubber.

i sketched the the hall sitting on a chair at the bottom of the stairs , I  placed my drawing board on my easel I drew the view looking up the stairs. I began by lightly sketching the shapes as it was an unusual composition I carefully noticed that there were a lot of angles and triangle shapes. I then noted the shadows it was a dull afternoon with a muted light. I then added tone using charcoal and smudging it as I went along with my hand and putty rubber. I also screwed up my eyes to record the darkest areas the middle of the individual stairs and the banisters. I added some hatching using a white charcoal pencil.

overall I was quite pleased with my drawing particularly as it was a challenging composition with odd angles – I do feel I still need to work more on perspective.



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