project 6 – at home Exercise 1 – quick sketches around the home

This project is all about interiors.

Using A3 paper I did a series of quick sketches in 4 rooms of my home – I spend around 3 to 15 minutes on each of the sketches.

In each room I did four sketches using  a 4b pencil , black felt tip pen and a graphite stick. As I went around each room for each sketch I turned 45 degrees so that each sketch shows a different angle and detail of the room.  I worked fast recording the time of day and the light conditions.

after completing the drawings I carefully analysed them. I feel my strongest drawings are the really quick 3 minutes sketches , I feel the 15 minutes sketches were not so successful as they are overworked. I also think the drawings in the hallway with views to the stairs although challenging worked well as I have captured something even if they are not perfect drawings. I found the easiest way to do these observational drawings was to draw without looking at the paper. Overall I really enjoyed these exercises and the approach to drawing in this way and I feel positive about developing my drawing skills.

However I do feel that I still need to be more confidence in experimenting with drawing and that I need to be more objective as I do sometimes find myself bogged down by detail.





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