Pets and other animals: exercise 4 using source material

For this exercise the directions are to find scientific and biological sources for animal anatomy in libraries or online, and to copy interesting images loosely but make them your own so that they are something more than an replica.

I started by doing a Google search and began by copying the images – once I had done this I felt that I had enough practice and a feel for animal anatomy to begin to experiment and turn the images into something of my own rather than just straight copies.

i also looked back at some notes on bird skeletons , and Anatomy from a course that I attended at London Zoo in September with artist Katrina van Grouw. After my initial sketches that I did in 2B pencil I decided to research bird anatomy as I feel I have some basic experience in this field thanks largely to the study visit at the zoo and a recent trip to Birdland in Gloucestershire where I sketched penguins for exercise 3. I did some sketches of penguin skeletons which I developed into a mixed media collage using coloured paper and newspaper – I then loosely sketched a basic Skeleton onto my collage with a white drawing pencil. I was aiming for a simplified drawing of the bone structure rather than a purely scientific drawing.

i really enjoyed this exercise , although I am not fully sure that I  completely understood what the brief for this exercise was – so I hope I have done what was asked of me.


skull unlimited

https://fossil penguins.wordpress

book – the unfeathered bird by Katrina Van Grouw – Princeton university press 2012

isbn 978-0691151342



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