Project 5 pets and other animals – testing out some of the methods

After researching artists that depict animals in their work the next task is to try out some of the methods used by the artists.

I decided to have a go at producing a mixed media piece inspired by Mat Dube’s multi tool drawings.

I began by moulding by hand a simple face shape out of a small piece of blu-tack pressure sensitive adhesive and also a simple hand shape. I then took a photo of the blu- tack sculptures. I prepared a piece of textured watercolour paper with a graduated blue ink wash aiming for a patchy uneven effect. Once the wash had dried I glued the head and hands onto the watercolour paper. I then used coloured pencils and marker pens to add tone and definition to my drawing. I also added a drawing of a coati a small mammal copied from a drawing that I did at London zoo two months ago. I really enjoyed having a go and found the task very interesting and refreshing

on the whole I was quite pleased with my effort and really want to explore mixed media further.


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