pets and other animals -exercise 1 – line drawing

the task for this exercise is to do a series of line drawings of animal. The task is to gather together a series of different poses using different media to suggest form and structure and movement.

For the project I sketched my ten year old female cat. The cat has long furry coat that tends to look very bushy.

I began by doing some very quick sketches of the cats basic shape and form in pen and pencil. I then did some longer sketches using a graphite stick. I found using the graphite stick worked really well as I was able to gather the movement of the cat fairly quickly. I used a variety of marks to suggest texture of the fur. Bolder lines worked better as the cats fur is vert thick and unruly.

for my final sketch I drew the cat on top of the kitchen radiator as I wanted my drawing to have a sense of a greater picture – the domestic cat in its natural surroundings.

Again I really enjoyed this exercise and found I enjoyed the challenge of drawing a lively animal.  I also feel that I did capture some of the animals personality.


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