Animals and pets- exercise 2 – tonal study of bones and shells

for this task I selected a piece of rock with tiny specs of fossil embedded into it.

as my rock was Fairly delicate with fine markings and texture I decided to use graphite pencils – I used a mix of hard and soft pencils building up the tones slowly. I lit my rock with a heavy lamp above it so that it cast a deep shadow. I experimented with the postition of the lamp as I wanted the light to pick up the delicate tracing over the rock.  I worked from the lightest tone to add volume to my drawing and spend several hours carefully drawing – looking at the object and drawing scribble lines to suggest texture without looking at the page. I also added some subtle hatching on the darkest tones.  I also used a stump and putty runbber on my drawing.

I feel really pleased with my finished drawing and really feel that I am beginning to make some progress with the course and that my drawing has started to improve.



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