Animals and pets project 3 – live animals using line and tone

This exercise is about capturing live animals in both line and tone to gather information on their character , structure , slance and posture.

On 2nd December I visited Birdland in the Cotswolds.

I am able to get close to two species of penguins – king penguins and Humbolts.

I did a series of line drawing in my sketchbook and made colour notes. I also did a sketch in colour and some tonal studies. I then did a mixed  media drawing using pen and ink washes, coloured pencils and marker pens on coloured paper.

I feel that I did manage to capture the essence and structure of the Penguins in my sketchbook studies however I feel that my mixed media drawing does not really work – I think that the grey paper that I used didn’t work maybe I should have choosen a different colour such as sepia?

however I do feel that I enjoyed this project and the challenge of drawing  such an unusual animal.


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