Project 5 – pets and other animals – research point

Portuguese / British artist Paula Rega often uses animals and humans together in her work   I am going to research other contemporary artists that include animals in their drawings.

There are numerous examples of contemporary artists depicting animals in their work – so I decided to look at artists that produce work that stir in unusual ways.

I looked first at Mat Dube an artist and sculpturist. Dube in his series called ‘ multi- tools ‘ uses mixed media in a really refreshing and different way. Dube is primarily concerned with how humans have tended to exploit animals with little regard to their well being, so is keen to explore the forgotten connection between humans and animals.

Dube has devised an innovative technique to produce his drawings – he begins by creating tiny clay sculptures of faces , hands and heads – which are then photographed onto watercolour water. Then using the image as a collage he then adds pencil, and watercolour to add texture and colour to the drawing. The effect is a very emotive and expressive image.

Louise Pallister born 1966 uses drawing, printing making and film to explore ‘animal fate’ she particularly explores extinct or endangered species. The artist uses mixed media and skilfully removes and lifts out areas of the drawing with an eraser. The finished drawing has a fragile almost enthereal quality perhaps fitting of the animal’s status.

Katrina Van Grouw is an expert in the field of bird anatomy – she prepares her own specimens and carefully draws the bones and muscular structure of the birds. She is the author of ‘the unfeathered bird’ a beautifully illustrated book containing 300 of her drawings.

the picture on the left below is an example of Mat Dube’s mixed media drawing resource

the drawing on the right is by Louise Pallister







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